The Virtual School: calling all Physicists!

The Virtual School’s vision is to create an innovative, free education resource that reaches learners all over the world. To help us achieve this we need the support of passionate Physics teachers! Do you feel you could be one of them?

Interested?  Here’s how to get involved:

Get in touch: You can share your love of physics and help inspire children around the world to become a new generation of scientists by contributing an engaging 2-3 minute audio recording of a mini-lesson. It’s a simple process, and we’ll work together with you to:

  1. Prepare engaging 2-3 min. explanations
  2. Record your audio explanations with our easy-to-use online tool 
  3. Our designers add images and memory triggers to your voiceover to create a video lesson for key stage 3 and 4.
  4. The video will be published under a Creative Commons License to YouTube and The Virtual School as a free learning resource and you will be accredited!

Help us build this amazing, free education resource to bring the best physics teaching to those who need it most, in the UK and globally. Thank you for your support!

Visit us on our YouTube Edu Channel and Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation around Open Educational Resources for every learner around the globe!


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