Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve been watching our videos on YouTube, you’ll hopefully have learned some useful stuff (or at least been reminded of things you used to know).  But watching a video and understanding it is just the first step.  The next thing is to practice and apply what you’ve learned.  That’s why we’re bringing you video-based practice questions.

Read through the question, pause the video, and try to work it out for yourself.  Once you’ve got an answer (or if you get stuck), you can press play and watch the teacher working through the problem. If you got it right, then great!  Time to move on to the next chapter.  If you’re still struggling, don’t worry!  You’ve got the resources at your fingertips: just go back and review the videos in the chapter.  Or post a question in the comments below the video, and we’ll help you out!

So, let’s give it a go.  Here’s Practice Exam Question #1 from our chemistry chapter on Atoms:

Think you need some review to be able to answer that?  No prob.  Just watch here to learn all about atoms:


Happy Studying!


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