Our Open Letter to all Teachers who care about Children around the World


the virtual school physics is here!

It’s been an exciting week for the virtual school.  VS Coordinator Freddy and Content Maestro Nisha are in Seville, visiting the Project Murillo interns who’ve been creating some amazing content for the virtual school.

And we’ve also posted our first physics videos.  We’re starting off with radioactivity– something that most people have heard about, but many of us don’t understand very well.  Start here with “What is Nuclear Radiation?” Camille Sainsbury, Danny Pattison, Darren Campbell and Freya Holdsworth worked together on this video, recording and animating an explanation by physics teacher Dr. James Deeny.

Then we’ve got another explanation by Dr. James Deeny for “Types of Radiation.”  This one’s animated by Darren Campbell, who created a fun set of comic book characters for alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.  We absolutely love it!