Celebrate Darwin, the evolutionary revolutionary!

On February 12, 2013 we celebrate Darwin Day, 204 years after the birth of biology’s revolutionary scientist. Darwin is best known for promoting scientific naturalism over theology combining a number of disciplines to create his theory of natural selection.

Although 19th Century Darwinism came to represent a whole host of revolutionary philosophies around evolution, Darwin himself is famed for establishing that all species have descended over time from common ancestors. Want to learn more….check out our video!

At the Virtual School we are revolutionary too: we are aiming to democratise access to the highest quality learning by revolutionising how education is developed and delivered. In a similar vein to Darwin we’re blending a number of disciplines to explore a new way of creating free engaging high quality mobile education. Revolutionaries stick together so let us celebrate Darwin the launch of our DARWIN DAY 2013 MUSIC VIDEO!

Check out Evolution Revolution and let us know what you think!


Music and Learning – The Perfect Match

Do you know all the words to you favourite songs, yet you never really tried to learn the lyrics?

Ever had a song stuck in your head going round and round, repeating even though you don’t really want it to?

Well us Murillos certainly have!

Here at ‘The Virtual School’ we are passionate about inspiring students to learn and to engage with their studies, and what better way to help people learn than making a music video!

So now when that song gets stuck in your head, or you are subconsciously memorizing the lyrics, we are helping people to learn too!

Rose Galsworthy