2nd Generation Murillos


A black and white Russian film is playing from a vintage TV in the corner, it’s accompanied by smooth jazz on the radio and I have an empty cup by my side that used to contain my second cafe con leche of the afternoon. I’m a little wired, to tell you the truth- I’m not one for dosing myself up on caffeine in the UK, or even inhabiting cafes. But just one week into life as a Sevillian (a pun I refuse to tire of) I’m a changed man. We’re here to embrace the culture, and I plan on greeting it, siestas and all, with open arms.

My name’s Luke, I’m 23 and I’ve never been outside Europe before. I hadn’t ever been to Spain until we landed in Seville’s airport nearly a week ago. Actually that’s not true: we did once take a wrong turn on a family holiday in the south of France and we think we may have crossed the border accidentally. We’re not sure, but for all intents and purposes, this is my first Spanish experience.

I have little idea what I did to deserve the opportunity to be here, but I won’t question it for fear of being thrown on a plane and promptly sent back home (apparently it’s flooding in York right now, Seville is admittedly a little rainy today, but I can’t be accused of bringing the weather with me!)

The opportunity to join the Virtual School’s program for me came by chance through a friend- and it took next to no time at all to convince me to fill in an application. The aims of the social enterprise, to democratise education by providing free-to-access educational videos created by specialists and enhanced by creative visualisers is one I’m definitely behind. After a few workshops in London to get to grips with the software, workflows (and colleagues of course!) we hit Seville and I’m currently working on a key knowledge video on Periods and Groups within the periodic table. It’ll be on the platform soon- so I hope you enjoy it!

Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully share a few entertaining stories that crop up about the people, the placement and the experience as life as a second-generation Murillo. Oh, and a little about me: I only really started learning Spanish on the plane. I feel that my ability to play charades, at least, can only benefit from this experience.

A luego!


Just a Taster…

Now the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme has finished, our time making great educational videos must also come to an end. But it’s been a fantastic experience that none of us will ever forget. To work in such a creative, dynamic and collaborative team has been a dream and the videos couldn’t help but reflect this.  You’ll find a little taster of what we’ve been up to below

The ‘Murillos’ are all now on their way conquering the educational media world in their own way. As for me, I’ll be managing the next group in Seville. With backgrounds in all aspects of media I can’t wait to see what they create. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

Watch this space…

Malik Adam Wilson 

Music and Learning – The Perfect Match

Do you know all the words to you favourite songs, yet you never really tried to learn the lyrics?

Ever had a song stuck in your head going round and round, repeating even though you don’t really want it to?

Well us Murillos certainly have!

Here at ‘The Virtual School’ we are passionate about inspiring students to learn and to engage with their studies, and what better way to help people learn than making a music video!

So now when that song gets stuck in your head, or you are subconsciously memorizing the lyrics, we are helping people to learn too!

Rose Galsworthy

The Team!

Meet the team… ‘The Murillos’

 On the 28th May 2012 our quest began and we made the voyage to Seville to take up the gauntlet of providing free, quality, accessible education for people around the world as part of ‘The Virtual School’.

To expand ‘The Virtual School’ and develop more content ‘Fusion Universal’ recruited 10 enthusiastic individuals – ‘The Murillos’. We joined a programme called ‘Project Murillo’ (hence the name), a scheme funded through the EU Leonardo programme. The internship consists of working part time on the Virtual School, and the other part on a work placement in creative communications. So meet the team… 

Who: Bronwen McConkey – ‘The Bross’

WhereBorn: Vancouver Canada, lived: loads of places, current: london

What: MD virtual school, by way of ICT for education, and business development work across Africa. MSc in development from LSE.

Why:Living in Africa for the first time and seeing the drive and commitment of families to educate as many children as possible but lack of infrastructure, resources and time to spare kids from.

Farming to get to class: I co-founded an educational support NGO and became the queen mother of the village where it was based, Ho. From there my passion to equalise access to high quality education has grown and found a home at fusion in the virtual school!

Who: Frederic Kastner – ‘Ze Vunder German, Frefy’

Where: Germany? France? Spain?? Who knows he’s fluent in all 3

What: The finisher of all things VS. Master spreadsheet maker and keeper on tracker of Bross

Why: Obsession with OER, ICT4E



Who: Nisha Ligon – ‘The leader of the pack’

Where: Born Bangkok, raised in Virginia, honorary native of Dar es Salaam

What: Content Maestro at the Virtual School. Film, radio, and all around media maker with a background in biology and a passion for education, Africa and football.

Motivation: The Bross has quickly figured out that when I moan or say I don’t have time, the magic words are “Do it for the kids!” and I’ll get ‘er done.  In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  I want to use my media skills and nerdy curiosity to help provide free education, accessible for anyone, anywhere. That, and I just love making videos.

Who: Andrea Bonanno – ‘The Italian Stallion’

Where: “Home is where the heart is”: Bologna, Lisbon, Melbourne, London… originally from a sunny hilly town near Mt. Etna – Sicily.

What: Film and Media Production graduate with a keen passion for learning, traveling, languages and coffee.

Inspiration: Love being creative and stimulated by new places, people, colors and challenges. “Make a difference” has been my recurrent motivational line since I started studying and learning. The Virtual School has made it possible combining an inspiring learning experience to the chance of improving the life of millions around the globe. And living in the fairy-tale city of Seville has added a sparkle to the mix

Who: Anisha Tailor – ‘The Green Eyed Girl’

Where: Soilhull

What: Chemistry Graduate from Sheffield University & eternal optimist

Drive: Upon graduating I was met with a constant barrage against my idealistic nature, ‘I just want to change the world’, the common lines of a fresh faced graduate. Battling against all the doubt of hardened workers of the real world, I found myself the perfect job: The Virtual School. Mixing my joy and love of atoms and the periodic table with the chance to make education resource which reaches millions I have found my nirvana. So let’s talk about science.

Who: Daivd Leakey – ‘The Wanderer’

Where: Chesterfield

What: Graphical crackerjack and latent rock-star with a BA in Animation. Seeks to quell ignorance from himself and others. Compulsive quoter of the works of Quentin Tarantino and similarly awesome media.  Invariably polite and yet somehow inappropriate.

Highlights of existence to date: Working with bands in the Sheffield music scene, Meeting Simon Pegg at an ASDA in Derby and getting the heck outta Britain.

Who: Joao Fernandes – ‘The Bull’

Where: Born and taught how to live in Portugal, formal education at Ravensbourne in England and raised all over place.

What: Independent documentary filmmaker, self taught graphic artist, world traveler, painter and “the monologue”; headfirst attitude towards everything i’m crazy about (which is a lot)

and also uncorrectable passionate for life and good people.

Highlights of existence: Always this precise moment!

Who: Malik Adam Wilson – ‘The Hoover’

Where: N/A but originally from sunny Blackpool

What: Music obsessive with an affinity for versatility. Media Production graduate but will try his hand at everything. A traveller, continual learner and perpetual paradox. What some would call an optimistic pessimist.

Inspiration: The Virtual School has saved me from having to make the life-defining decision between a career in education and the media. Bringing these together in a role I love is inspiring. That and being in the beautiful city of Sevilla.

Who: Omar Allouji – ‘The Mystery Man’








Who: Rose Galsworthy – ‘The Flower Girl’

Where: The home of the greatest rugby league team in the world (slight exaggeration) – AKA Warrington

What: Self-confessed science nerd (minus the big glasses, plus the high heels and lipstick). Biology graduate with a Masters in Wildlife Documentary Production.

Inspiration: I saw ‘Dippy’ (the diplodocus at The Natural History Museum) everyday for a month and knew that helping people to learn about the wonders of science was my calling. Greatest career moment: meeting Sir David Attenborough and having the time of my life in Sevilla.

Who: Roshni Amin – ‘The Mover’

Where: London

What: Self-shooting TV Producer with passions for R&B dancing, singing, weddings and socializing.

Greatest career moment to date: Filming a caesarean section for a series of short health videos to educate first time parents for the NHS Choices website. And meeting C-list celebs such as Joshua Jackson, David Schwimmer, Jon Snow, Ricky Gervais, Richard & Judy, Gino D’Acampo amongst others.

Who: Sammy Sewell – ‘Sweetie’

Where:Born and raised in the farmlands of Norwich

What: Arts graduate, film lover, mocumentary maker, passionate about life, people and happiness

Inspiration: Weird yet wonderful documentaries such as Grey Gardens, Dolphin Boy and Louis Theroux series. Marilyn Monroe and of course my mum!


Who: Tom Jackson – ‘The Northern Charmer’

Where: Yorkshire born, Yorkshire raised, London resident

What: Design, illustration, art direction, animation, doesn’t know when to stop, baker, explorer, laughs too much, coffee is fuel, travel is the goal, dislikes the lazy types, loves a trier, hates losing, and physically, he’s all hair and teeth.

Inspiration: Meeting, making, learning, listening, designing, doodling, film and fun.