Meet the Team

In the summer of 2012 The Virtual School began recruiting a team of designers, producers, illustrators and photographers to begin whipping up teachers’ best explanations into vibrant video animations.

These creative individuals have been working on The Virtual School in partnership with Project Murillo, an internship scheme funded by the EU’s life long learning program, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Working with Project Murillo has meant that our interns spend half of their time working on world class educational videos and the other half developing their skills through creative communication work placements in sunny Seville.

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A Molar Success!

Last week our Bonnie Tyler vs. Avogadro mash-up Molar Eclipse of the Heart hit the 6,500 views mark and we couldn’t be happier! A big thanks to all the followers, tweeters and bloggers who shared the video. If you missed it you can check it out below.

It may be another year til the next Mole Day but that’s no reason to stop learning. If Mole Day has brought out the chemist in you, head over to our growing chemistry channel HERE.

In the meantime, you can be sure that we’ve got plenty more musical goodness up our sleeve. Stay tuned!

Molar Eclipse of the Heart | Mole Day 2012

It’s Mole Day, everyone!

Only last week were we celebrating women in STEM thanks to Ada Lovelace Day. This week the science appreciation calendar let’s us unleash our inner chemistry fans and celebrate that wonderful unit of measurement, the MOLE!

It’s was all the way back in the 1800s that Amedeo Avogadro introduced us to the handy unit, and today it remains a vital tool for scientists.

In the name of Mole Day our team has been working on a musical treat for the many Avogadro fans around the world.

Without further a do, Molar Eclipse of the Heart!

(Given the catchy nature of the number, we’ve included the lyrics below.)

Underground, moles are little animals with really weird noses who like to dig around

Round and brown, every here and there you’ll find a hairy brown spot on your skin, we also call that a mole!

Search around, moles are spies who work in private espionage, they spy in secret, and they don’t make a sound

Also found,
Everywhere in mexico Mole is a spicy sauce
Same spelling but a whole different sound!

Turnaround blind eyes
Don’t you know it’s more than you can tell

Turnaround blind eyes, moles can also mean something else
‘Cos in chemistry a mole.
Is a unit used to measure,
The atoms or molecules,
In a substance of whatever!
It’s the number of carbon twelve atoms
In twelve grams of carbon…
Matter’s filled with way too many atoms to count,
So use Avagadro’s number to express the amount!

For any type of matter: solid, liquid or gas,
The grams within a mole will equal atomic mass.
All you need is a mole!

Six-oh-two sextillion!
Six-oh-two sextillion!

Six point oh two two, one four oh seven eight,
Times 10 to power of twenty three
That number’s a mole
We use it in chemistry.

Once upon a time Avagadro said hey!
And showed us the way out of the dark,
His number you must use,
A molar eclipse of the heart.

A molar eclipse of the heart.

2nd Generation Murillos


A black and white Russian film is playing from a vintage TV in the corner, it’s accompanied by smooth jazz on the radio and I have an empty cup by my side that used to contain my second cafe con leche of the afternoon. I’m a little wired, to tell you the truth- I’m not one for dosing myself up on caffeine in the UK, or even inhabiting cafes. But just one week into life as a Sevillian (a pun I refuse to tire of) I’m a changed man. We’re here to embrace the culture, and I plan on greeting it, siestas and all, with open arms.

My name’s Luke, I’m 23 and I’ve never been outside Europe before. I hadn’t ever been to Spain until we landed in Seville’s airport nearly a week ago. Actually that’s not true: we did once take a wrong turn on a family holiday in the south of France and we think we may have crossed the border accidentally. We’re not sure, but for all intents and purposes, this is my first Spanish experience.

I have little idea what I did to deserve the opportunity to be here, but I won’t question it for fear of being thrown on a plane and promptly sent back home (apparently it’s flooding in York right now, Seville is admittedly a little rainy today, but I can’t be accused of bringing the weather with me!)

The opportunity to join the Virtual School’s program for me came by chance through a friend- and it took next to no time at all to convince me to fill in an application. The aims of the social enterprise, to democratise education by providing free-to-access educational videos created by specialists and enhanced by creative visualisers is one I’m definitely behind. After a few workshops in London to get to grips with the software, workflows (and colleagues of course!) we hit Seville and I’m currently working on a key knowledge video on Periods and Groups within the periodic table. It’ll be on the platform soon- so I hope you enjoy it!

Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully share a few entertaining stories that crop up about the people, the placement and the experience as life as a second-generation Murillo. Oh, and a little about me: I only really started learning Spanish on the plane. I feel that my ability to play charades, at least, can only benefit from this experience.

A luego!