How to create your own open video resources – a tutorial for teachers by Malik Wilson

In this tutorial our Creative Manager Malik shows you how to create your own open educational resources (in a video multimedia format) using free software.

Step 1
– Write your script
– Create a quick storyboard

Step 2
– Record your audio
Software: You can use free audio recording software, Audacity –

Step 3
– Create your animations in PowerPoint
– Record the timings and save as a video

Step 4
– Bring your audio and PowerPoint video together in free editing software
– Windows Movie Maker for PCs –
– IMovie for Macs –

Step 5
– Export your video
– Upload to YouTube or OER Commons ( etc.


SchoolNet South Africa: ICT in the Classroom Conference – for all those who missed our talk

Frederic Kastner, Programme Manager for The Virtual School and Malik Adam Wilson, Creative Manager for The Virtual School were invited to the SchoolNet Conference in South Africa to talk to over 600 teachers on the Open Educational Resource Movement, how it’s changing the world of education and how teachers from everywhere can get involved.

The talk also includes the OER Organisations around the world creating free educational resources for everyone – Khan Academy, Coursera, The Virtual School, Udacity, Siyavula, TED-Ed and Bread Bin.

As always, it would be great if you could leave us your feedback or if you simply got in touch if you can think of a way of collaborating with us around Open Educational Resources, no matter where you are around the world! We need the help of animators, designers, teachers, NGOs and charities, governments and higher education institutions, as well as social enterprises, to get spread engaging, localised Open Educational Resources around the world.

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Virtual School News

Here are the news on the Virtual School in June. Learn about our current progress with the Chemistry Journey project, in which we are providing over 250 videos in Chemistry for upper secondary education around the world.

Other news are new partnerships for the translation of our Open Educational Resources and our upcoming talks and events. Leave us your feedback and send us an Email if you want to get involved!

Meet the Team

In the summer of 2012 The Virtual School began recruiting a team of designers, producers, illustrators and photographers to begin whipping up teachers’ best explanations into vibrant video animations.

These creative individuals have been working on The Virtual School in partnership with Project Murillo, an internship scheme funded by the EU’s life long learning program, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Working with Project Murillo has meant that our interns spend half of their time working on world class educational videos and the other half developing their skills through creative communication work placements in sunny Seville.

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