The Virtual School Team


Frédéric Kastner | Zee Wunder German

Where? Germany? France? Spain?? Who knows he’s fluent in all

What? Programme Manager,

The finisher of all things VS. Master spreadsheet maker and keeper on tracker.

Why? Obsession with the OER Movement, Teacher and learn Empowerment, international partnerships and ICT4E

Malik Adam Wilson | Big Bad Boss Man

Where? Sunny Blackpool

What? Creative Manager for the Virtual School.

Music obsessive with an afinity for versatility. Media
Production graduate but will try his hand at everything.
A traveller, continual learner and eternal eater.                              

Why? Working with such a great, diverse, quirky group of people,

potentially changing the world and doing it for the kids.

Peter Smith | The Smooth Operator

Where? The gritty side of London Town

What? I aim to please and I am pleased to aim… Busy trying to make clients happy with my graphic design work and being a positive encounter to people I meet. Life is too short to be making enemies. I enjoy going places, meeting people and making new friends. You never know what life is going to bring next so every day is an adventure, I just like to carve out a positive one.

Inspiration? The Matrix! Nothing is what it seems… I leave that for you to fill in the blanks of what I mean by that. I swallowed the blue pill, and life is so much sweeter.

Howard Mitchell | The Ad Guy

Where? Huddersfield

What? Anything that I can get my creative claw clenched on to (ads, copywriting, art direction, illustration, photography, film production, animation, model making).

Inspiration? That I see/hear something new every day.

Emilie Sheehan | The Laugh

Where? Southampton

What? I’m bubbly, sassy and streetwise or // I create stories though design and visual communication. I fight an obsessive compulsion to hoard beautiful or intricate things and am anxious about etiquette; question taste and ponder poshness, whilst fighting for equality, sustainability and sometimes world peace.

Inspiration? The two rules of success… 1. Never reveal everything you know

Danny Pattison | Braveheart

What? I try to make stuff with things.

Inspiration? The Holy Trinity: Bill Murray David Attenborough and Louis Theroux

Spiritual Leaders: Virtua School Hall of Fame

Bronwen McConkey | The Bross

Where? Born: Vancouver Canada, lived: loads of places, current: london

What? Former MD virtual school, by way of ICT for education, and business development work across Africa. MSc in development from LSE.

Why? Living in Africa for the first time and seeing the drive and commitment of families to educate as many children as possible but lack of infrastructure, resources and time to spare kids from.

Nisha Ligon | Content Maestro

Where? Born Bangkok, raised in Virginia, honorary native of Dar es Salaam

What? Content Maestro at the Virtual School. Film, radio, and all around media maker with a background in biology and a passion for education, Africa and football.

Why? The Bross has quickly figured out that when I moan or say I don’t have time, the magic words are “Do it for the kids!” and I’ll get ‘er done.  In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  I want to use my media skills and nerdy curiosity to help provide free education, accessible for anyone, anywhere. That, and I just love making videos.

The Murillos

In the summer of 2012 The Virtual School began recruiting a team of designers, producers, illustrators and photographers to begin whipping up teachers’ best explanations into vibrant video animations.

These creative individuals have been working on The Virtual School in partnership with Project Murillo, an internship scheme funded by the EU’s life long learning program, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Working with Project Murillo has meant that our interns spend half of their time working on world class educational videos and the other half developing their skills through creative communication work placements in sunny Seville.

Stu Hardy | The Hard Man

Where? Halesowen

What? Sports Broadcaster, including work with Sunset+Vine and ESPN UK.

Inspiration? In triumph, be ever modest. In danger, be ever cool. I do what I do, because I enjoy it. It’s not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. I got given a chance through a combination of working my ass off and someone giving me an opportunity. I’m just waiting for the day when I can see someone who has taken the hard way, so I can go up to them and tell them ‘Let’s begin.’

Liane O’Toole | The Wannabe Boss

Where? The banks of the Irwell in Sunny Salford, Manchester

What? A producer of short films and a dab hand at whatever production area I focus my attention on. I work hard and I play hard. I like collaborating and I am a great listener. My passions are photography, writing, producing, cooking, editing and teaching. But most of all I love to learn, to always better myself and in turn my world is a more interesting place. Adaption is the key.

Inspiration? To be all that I can be, belief in myself and those around me. The unspoken love that surrounds us is what keeps my belief in people maintained and therefore motivated, everyday.

Kimberley Faria | The Pocket Rocket

Where? London

What? Photographer, doodler and science cheerleader. Kylie Minogue wannabe.

Why? For the love of learning. I’m inspired by explorer scientists, storyteller artists and the brilliant things we can do when we put our minds to it.

Darren Campbell | Mr. Beige

Where? Oldham (home of the tubular bandage)

What? A Multimedia & Digital superstar. Currently on a quest for knowledge, life experience and bland food. Currently filming Tintin 2: Lost in Seville. Nobody out there is quite as colourful as Mr Beige.

Inspiration? Simply, Snowy!!!

Amy Tomlinson | The Girl From Ipanema

Where? Born in Portsmouth, Brazilian at heart

What? Fashion graduate usually armed with a camera, quirk enthusiast, traveller, great story teller, often thinking about lunch before breakfast has happened…and no sense of surroundings or direction. A bit away with the fairies.

Inspiration? People, specifically characters that don’t realise they are characters. And doors. There is nothing more inviting than an intriguing door.

Luke Malkin | Disco Luke

Where? Stoke-On-Trent, but don’t let that put you off

What? The aim’s to be a Casting Director. In the mean time, I’m an amateur film Director/Producer, Ballroom Dancer, Actor-Type, Singer/Songwriter. Generally keen and hopefully useful.

Inspiration? Only get superstitious after you see the second magpie.

Freya Holdsworth | Celestial Sandwhich

Where? High Wycombe

What? An artist at heart I live to be creative and express myself. I like to play with new media and basically see what comes out of it; I do anything from painting to animating and experimental videos. Aside from artistic endeavours I constantly seek new experiences in the form of trying new things, going travelling and getting to know other cultures. Music and philosophising about life is also important for me; but how better to try and understand the world than to play with what’s around us? Creativity is a wonderful thing!

Inspiration? Motivation comes from within, inspiration from without; my life-long creative drive is what pushes me to do things, but the world around me, people, society, nature, beauty, music etc. are all the things that inspire me.

Sarah Bailey | The Mosquito Pied Piper

Where? Cumbria- Land of The Lakes, Cumberland Sausage and Peter Rabbit

What? I love making memories through travel, friendship and special moments. I enjoy exploring new cultures and pride myself on capturing experiences through photography, film and scrapbooking. I enjoy good food, great music and a grand old cuppa tea!

Inspiration? Surroundings, situations and enthusiastic people…. and Tinto De Verano

Josh White | The Hippy King

Where? Born in High Wycombe, but weathered in Wales (I do love Leeks and fields)

What? An avid observant of life experiences, that of mine and all the interesting people around me as I travel around the world. I harbor a sense of relentless endeavor towards the things that improve the life of all on our planet. Not through flower power and long flared trousers, but through inspiring media and internet browsers.

Inspiration? Kahil Gibran: “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”
People are no doubt the greatest inspiration as-well as motivation. Every person I meet brings something to my life. Especially a fellow Murillo, some even bring beer.

Carl Smith | Juanuardo

Where? Manchester

What? Wannabe music journalist, Twitter addict and popular culture obsessive. I base all my life decisions on a) what will make a good anecdote and b) what will look good Instagrammed.

Inspiration? The ‘Step Up’ trilogy (I’m yet to see the fourth), One Direction

Camille Sainsbury | Puss in Boots

Where? Rivendell

What? I dream, create, match and mingle ideas with situations and people. I’m also a media creative with a penchant for the quirky and fantastical rhythms of life and delighting in the essence of the carnival spirit.

Why? “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”- Maya Angelou. Being inspired by the mysteries of life, the beautiful people I meet everyday, the wonderful places we live in and the enchanting memories we create.

Imi Oztas | Mini Imi

Where? Born in Turkey & brought up in Essex

What? A graduate in media culture and production. I mean business when it comes down to the business. I am a future a millionaire so look out for my name. Other than trying to become a millionaire my passions are designer clothes, photography,beautiful shoes and perfect make-up. Massive fan of Sex and the city will have a walk in wardrobe one day with rows and rows of designer handbags and shoes. But before all this I obviously care and feel strongly about free education, educating young girls and I believe children and women should come first.

Why? I love that we are working on changing access to education. We are making education free and accessible everyone who wants to learn and inspiring teachers to become legends in the way they teach things. Whilst working on changing the world with the amazing Murillo’s I also get a chance to take a step closer to my dream job by doing some great work experience. What more inspiration and motivation do I need?

Rebecca Mason | Ahead of the Game Bex

Where? Sheffield/London

What? TV monkey, aspiring to move up the ranks.

Inspiration? The Alpha Male.

Stecy Isidor | Lady Marmalade

Where? Paris

What? A world citizen, I try to capture all my travels, my experience and make them good memories, Media culture and production freshly graduated, my first love is to let my creativity do it work, try to show how I see the world

Inspiration? Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother, that’s my motivation and my inspiration my family, growing up in a immigranted family in France I had the chance to live 2 different cultures at the same time, when I learned that nothing is impossible, as long as you work hard to get it.

Tom Ratcliffe | The Inbetweener

Where? Norwhich

What? A graduate in film production, I’ve operated as a short film/promo producer and enjoy the film-making process, having a camera in my hands and working with a crew. I enjoy finding new experiences and trying new things, and having just graduated from University want to take any opportunity to learn something new, hence being here!

Inspiration? Is it funny? Is it dangerous? Am I drunk?


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